Volvo Safety at Gorges Volvo Cars

Gorges Volvo Cars and Volvo Enjoy Long Histories of Putting Family and Safety First!

The Volvo brand has a long history of leading the way in safety, fuel efficiency, and style with every new car that they put out. While other luxury manufacturers may not share this vision, the Volvo company believes that safety and practicality are as important to positive customer experience as luxury and sophistication, which is a vision we share at Gorges Volvo Cars. Since our dealership first began as an import business back in 1957, the staff of our family-run dealership commit themselves to total customer satisfaction and a personalized shopping experience where we sit down with everyone to evaluate their needs in their next new Volvo or used car. We want you to enjoy the class and style of the vehicle you drive, but we also want you to feel safe in it and feel right about your investment, so let us tell you a bit more about Volvo and their history so you can decide if a new Volvo or used car is right for you.

Gorges Volvo Cars is conveniently located on Burt Street in Omaha, Nebraska and we are less than an hour outside of Lincoln.

Leading the Way in Safety and Efficiency

Throughout its long history, the Volvo company has led the charge in creating many safety features which are now mandated on all new vehicles, including the new Volvo XC90 and Volvo S60. In 1959, one of these many innovations was the three-point safety belt, created by Volvo Engineer Nils Bohlin for the PV544 model. Rather than patent this feature for the company's own usage only, Bohlin waved patent rights so that all vehicle manufacturers could share the three-point harness, which has saved millions of lives since. Throughout the 1970s through the 1990s, Volvo also introduced other features seen on most modern cars, such as a Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) and a rearward-facing child safety seat.

A major innovation to environmental aid in Volvo cars came in 1976, with the creation of the Lambda Sond, a finger-sized device located in the engine compartment of each new Volvo which regulated exhaust from the vehicles, reducing harmful emissions by up to 90 percent. While environmental justice was a fairly hot-button issue at the time, many vehicle manufacturers did not consider carbon emission reduction to be a priority.

Volvo Innovation Today

Currently, there are a great many automotive publications that consider Volvo models the "safest cars in the world." While that phrase is difficult to prove conclusively, we here at Gorges Volvo Cars let the safety accolades of the Volvo brand speak for themselves. When you research many of the top new Volvo models we offer near Council Bluffs, IA, you will notice that many enjoy high marks from a variety of new car assessment programs including Top Safety Pick status by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) as well as full five-star ratings by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Likewise, most brand-new Volvo models, including the Volvo V80 and Volvo XC60 carry full five-star ratings by the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro-NCAP), one of the leading sources for safety ratings across Europe.

The E.V.A. Initiative

While Volvo cars are high-rated for safety, and quarte family-friendly, the brand does not plan to stop there. Through the new Equal Vehicles for All (E.V.A.) Initiative, the Volvo brand aims to make safety regulations tailored to all customers, male and female. This initiative comes from a common industry trend of utilizing male crash test dummies, but not placing too much emphasis on how car crashes can affect women, who run higher risk of getting injured because of this trend. Through the E.V.A., Volvo aims ton introduce new crash protection and safety features to keep men, women, and children safe through every new Volvo car released.

Family is What We Are About in Omaha

In their safety features, Volvo places emphasis on family, which is exactly what we are all about here at Gorges Volvo Cars in Omaha, having been family-run for more than 30 years now. We want you to find a vehicle that is right for you and the ones you hold dearest to you, so check out all of the excellent Volvo cars we have to offer, with high rated safety features and innovative new driver-assistive features as well! All of them are located right here at Gorges Volvo, so come test drive a new Volvo today here at our Omaha, NE Volvo dealership. We are conveniently located less than a half hour outside of Bellevue and we look forward to meeting you!