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New Volvo Plug-in Hybrid Inventory

Volvo Recharge Plug-in Hybrid Models Featured Near Omaha, NE

Fortunately, the industry is moving in the direction of sustainability. In this effort is a choice of what best suits the average Council Bluffs shopper regarding continued reliance on fuel or emissions released. These values premising many decisions in the degree of electrification desired by consumers in Bellevue, NE.

At Gorges Volvo Cars, the perfect solution might be the Volvo Recharge plug-in hybrid - offered in luxury SUVs, sedans and wagons.

The Difference to a Volvo Recharge Plug-in Hybrid

For many Lincoln shoppers, there's the desire for a best-of-worlds approach to sustainability. This may comprise the ability to choose between drive modes for optimal mileage earned.

As such, the Volvo Recharge plug-in hybrid differs from the mild hybrid and pure-electric model. With a simple plugged-in charge overnight, the Fremont driver may savor a fuel-free commute, elevated hybridized mileage delivered or fuel-fired operation for longer distances past Lincoln, NE.

In fact, the Volvo V60 Recharge plug-in hybrid wagon may reach up to 41-miles in fuel-free ranging. This mated to the efficiency of hybridized mileage reaching 74 mpge.

Volvo Recharge Plug-in Hybrid Models Available

Volvo is a brand well ahead of the sustainable curve at the moment. While some brands offer a smattering of plug-in hybrid models, Volvo has a full slate available interested Omaha shoppers.

Below are those Volvo Recharge plug-in hybrid offerings now available:

  • Volvo XC90 Recharge SUVs earn 58 mpge in hybridized accrual.
  • Volvo XC60 Recharge SUVs deliver 63 mpge in Hybrid mode and 35-miles in Pure mode.
  • Volvo S90 Recharge sedans provide hybridized 66 mpge and 38-miles in Pure mode.
  • Volvo S60 Recharge sedans extend 41-miles in fuel-free roaming and 74 mpge in hybrid traveling.

Gorges Volvo Cars - Test Drive the Volvo Recharge Plug-in Hybrid

Visit our local Omaha-area Volvo dealership and get a first-hand look at our Volvo Recharge plug-in hybrid lineup. And federal tax credits worth thousands of dollars may apply to your Volvo Recharge preference.

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