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Volvo Is Giving Gorges Volvo Cars' Customers and Drivers in and Around Omaha Free Towing for Life

Volvo is setting a new standard for roadside assistance with the introduction of a brand new program. The manufacturer recently announced complimentary Tow for Life as an initiative to give their customers absolute peace of mind on top of their already stellar auto service. If you need a tow, the service center at Gorges Volvo is ready to help.

What is Complimentary Tow for Life?

The program is exactly what it sounds like. If you drive a Volvo vehicle and you break down for any reason, you can have your car towed to a participating Volvo dealer free of charge. After all, the frustration that comes with a vehicle that falters is more than enough for you to deal with.

Free Tow for Life Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my Volvo towed to repair at a dealership I didn't buy from?


Of course, you can. You can't predict where and when you will have a breakdown, so it's only prudent that your Volvo not be restricted to a single dealership. When your vehicle gets picked up for towing, it will be sent to the nearest Volvo dealership that's covered under the program. So even if you're all the way out in Lincoln or Fremont, NE you can rest assured that you won't have any problems.


Am I eligible for free tow with an older Volvo?


Absolutely. The Complimentary Tow for Life program is designed to apply to every Volvo. Therefore, it's not important if yours is a classic model from the 1950's that you've kept running out of your garage or a more recent model from the 2000's that you use for your daily commute. Every new and used Volvo vehicle ever made is covered under the program.


What do I do if I have a breakdown?


First thing's first is that when you have a breakdown, it's important not to panic. Help is just a phone call away, and they will get to you quickly. Volvo On-Call comes with every new Volvo model courtesy of a mobile app and in-cabin wi-fi, which can connect you directly to the nearest towing service. If your used Volvo is older, you can call 1-800-550-5658 to get in touch with Volvo Customer Care.


Additionally, if you're around Council Bluffs IA or Bellevue, you can call Gorges Volvo, and we can arrange a tow for you to our dealership.

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