Winter in Omaha, NE can be tough, but you can give your Volvo vehicle an edge with some professional winter maintenance here at our Volvo service center near Council Bluffs, Iowa. We're well-versed in preparing drivers and their Volvo vehicles for winter here at our dealership, and we're eager to offer the service your car needs to get through winter as smoothly as possible. What are some of the top services we recommend? Here are some of the services we encourage drivers to schedule here at our service center.

Winter Tires

Whether you already have a set or you need to invest in one, swapping to winter tires can be a boon during the frostier months of the year. Winter tires are specifically designed to work better in winter. They stay more flexible on cold pavement and they have deeper, wider tread patterns to help them drive on snow. So, they're uniquely well-suited to a more surefooted driving experience in winter.

Battery Service

If your battery is already weak, you might discover that your car refuses to start when it gets especially cold outside in the Bellevue area. Frigid winter weather saps batteries of their strength, so your battery might have trouble functioning if it's getting on in years. We can run voltage tests to check your battery's strength, and we can replace it for you if it proves to be too weak.

Wiper Blades

You're more likely to find yourself needing to clear your windshield during winter around Lincoln and Fremont, Nebraska. Snow, rain, sleet, and grime will be more common visitors to your windshield, meaning that you'll rely on your wiper blades more often to clear your line of sight. We can replace worn wiper blades and top off washer fluid at our service center.

Schedule service today to get your car into shape for winter here at Gorges Volvo Cars.

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