Benefits of Lifetime Volvo Parts and Service Warranty

Owning a vehicle in or around Omaha can be pricy when it comes to routine service and purchasing relevant parts, but what if there was an automaker that provides lifetime parts and service warranty? Volvo has started offering its Service Advantage program that will provide lifetime parts and labor warranty for Volvos services at a dealership even after the original factory warranty expires. Read on to learn more about the benefits of Volvo's Service Advantage program.

Save Money with a Volvo

It doesn't matter if you just bought your Volvo this year or you bought your Volvo five years ago in Council Bluffs, IA, all Volvo models are eligible for the Service Advantage program. You'll find that with the help of the Service Advantage program, you'll begin to notice lower ownership costs. There are a few wear-and-tear items that aren't covered under the Service Advantage program including

  • Fuses
  • Rotors excluding run out
  • Belts
  • Spark plugs
  • Brake pads
  • Timing belts
  • Bulbs
  • Upholstery/rugs
  • Clutch lining
  • Wiper blades
  • Fliters
  • Tires that are covered by tire manufacturer's warranty
  • Floor mats
  • Batteries including those for remote keyless entry

While these parts are not included in the Service Advantage program, you can expect free computer software updates and diagnostics as needed along with other non-wear-and-tear parts to be covered.

We also suggest to our Bellevue drivers that would like to stretch their car's service life to 200,000 miles and beyond to buy parts and services backed by a lifetime warranty. Having a lifetime warranty on a part or service provides Lincoln drivers with the necessary peace of mind they need to continue driving their vehicle safely.

Learn More About Volvo's Service Advantage Program at Gorges Volvo

When your Volvo is due for service, we invite you to make the short drive to our Volvo dealership near Fremont, NE and we can set you up with an appointment today.

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