If you’re a pregnant woman looking for a new car near Omaha, NE, safety is probably near the top of your list of priorities. After all, nothing makes you think more about what a brand offers in terms of safety than the reality of being responsible for a new life. As you are perusing your choices, you’ll find that one name sticks out often when it comes to standard and available safety features, as well as a history of safety innovation. That name is Volvo. Gorges Volvo Cars, located at 17665 Burt Street in Omaha, NE, has a huge inventory of new Volvo cars, wagons, and SUVs that can provide the peace of mind you want when you are on the road with your little one.

Volvo Has a History of Making Sure that Pregnant Women Are Safe

Volvo has always been a pioneer in the realm of safety. In 1959, Volvo gave away their seatbelt patent so people could be safer in their vehicles. They have also done numerous studies on how to keep pregnant women, and their unborn babies, safer in the event of a crash. This commitment to safety has led to many innovations and features that have produced Volvo vehicles that allow drivers to be more vigilant and aware on the roads. Volvo also discovered that women should not wear bulky clothes, put the lap belt under their belly and on their thighs, make sure the shoulder belt is between their breasts, and pull tight to ensure that the seatbelt performs to its best.

Discover All the Volvo Safety Features

One way that Volvo keeps all pregnant women from Omaha safe is by making their IntelliSafe safety equipment standard on all Volvo vehicles. For example, Oncoming Lane Mitigation, which is one of the IntelliSafe features, helps you get back into your lane if you end up on a path to collide into another vehicle. There is also the Lane Keeping Aid which gently steers you back into your own lane if you happen to wander a little. The safety cage that surrounds every Volvo vehicle is made of high-strength steel to keep a pregnant woman protected in a worst-case scenario.

Learn More

Pregnant women looking to learn more about all the ways that a new Volvo can keep you safe, contact a sales consultant at Gorges Volvo Cars, in Omaha, NE, so they can teach you about all the ways Volvo has your safety as its top priority.

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