We all know that social distancing and other protocols resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 crisis have put a lot of things on hold, but one thing that shouldn’t be ignored is service for your Volvo in the Omaha area. At Gorges Volvo, not only have we taken steps to ensure that our facility is safe and sanitized, but we have a completely new way to set up and execute your Volvo service appointment that involves almost no face time whatsoever.

Spring Service Needs

Now that winter is over and we’re getting ready for the warmer weather of spring and summer, there are a lot of things your Volvo will need checked to ensure that it can handle what lies ahead. For starters, if you run snow tires now is the time to have them switched out for all-season or summer rubber that can better hold up to the hotter temperatures.

Along with that, alignments are key for helping your vehicle recover from the potholed roads that result from a winter of changeable conditions and snow plows digging at the asphalt.

How We’re Preparing For Your Visit

Our team has been hard at work cleaning and sanitizing every surface that you might come in contact with, including doors, counters, chairs, and bathrooms. In addition, we are now participating in the Volvo Valet service; an app that allows you to schedule your Volvo service appointment online. Even better, we’ll come to you to pick up your vehicle, drop off a loaner if requested, and then reverse the process when your vehicle is ready to go. And before you get your Volvo back from us, we’ll completely sanitize the interior as well as your keys to help ensure your safety.

Schedule Your Spring Volvo Service Today!

Whether it’s a simple oil change, a new set of tires, or something more, getting your vehicle ready for spring and summer is still an important part of your Volvo ownership. Schedule your appointment at Gorges Volvo in Omaha and give your Volvo the care it deserves today!

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