Technology is making everything in your life easier and more convenient. Driving your car should be just as easy. For drivers from Fremont to Council Bluffs, Volvo is taking care of you. The goal to keep you connected to your smartphone and your new Volvo from Gorges Volvo Cars in Omaha, is achieved through the Volvo On Call App.

The Volvo On Call mobile app is a service, available through for all forms of smartphones, that instantly keeps you connected to your Volvo. Initially, it started as a way to reach out to emergency and roadside assistance services in the event of an accident. Over the years, it has evolved into one of the most advanced apps you'll find for any vehicle around Omaha.

With the seasons rapidly transitioning, the Volvo On Call system will take a burden off you as you prepare for plummeting temperatures. Warm-up your car with the push of a button as you rest comfortably in your Bellevue bedroom. You can lock and unlock your car doors to keep your Volvo safe in your driveway. Worried about that sudden rain shower while you're sitting at your desk, then just roll up your windows through the Volvo On Call app.

So, remote start and unlocking are fine features, but plenty of cars have apps that can accomplish that. You can also track your Volvo's fuel, maintenance, and driving status. But there is so much more to the Volvo On Call than just remote start. You will always know where your car is located, with the Volvo On Call. One tap, and you'll hear the horn and see your lights flashing on your Volvo. Sync up your Volvo with your phone's calendar and reach that meeting in Lincoln in record time, by sending addresses and directions directly to your Volvo's navigation system.

Waiting on an order? Volvo On Call partners with Key by Amazon to get your packages delivered directly to your Volvo, with In-Car Delivery. There will be no more spoiled surprises when your Amazon package skips your Council Bluffs doorstep and clandestinely arrives at your vehicle. Simply check the "in-car delivery" option, and you can monitor its progress as it makes its way to your office parking lot.

When you want to take your driving experience to the next level, you need to check out the Volvo On Call app. Learn more about its capabilities at Gorges Volvo Cars in Omaha and discover how the app can serve you best.

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