Volvo S60 Safety Features Responsible for its Popularity

The crew at Gorges Volvo Cars are happy the new Volvo S60 is here on our lot, and here are a few reasons why.

Once you get behind the wheel of your Volvo S60, you won't have to worry too much about traffic in hard to see areas behind you any longer. This vehicle comes with the Blind Spot Information System, and it uses radar technology to scan behind you to identify anything in your blind spot. Your side mirror flashes a warning if it is not safe to change lanes.

One of the systems in the new Volvo S60 that are helping to reduce instances of crashes due to distracted driving is the Lane-Keeping System. Sensors pointed at the road surface can detect if the vehicle slowly begins to drift out of the lane. If this occurs, warning pulses are sent to the steering wheel so the driver can quickly get the car back under control.



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