Explore the Bowers & Wilkins® Sound System at Gorges Volvo Cars in Omaha


Bowers & Wilkins® delivers the ultimate sound system that's hard to resist. The Bowers & Wilkins® partnership with Volvo makes driving enjoyable. They are passionate about making sure customers get the most out of their system designed to provide nothing but excellence. The sound system's design is slick and reveals their work with attention to detail.

Bower & Wilkins® labors over the fact that customers should always get the best benefit from their car's audio system. It's one of the passions they share with Volvo. The next generation of Volvo's luxury cars will have a top-tier sound system that will be hard for customers to miss.

The collaboration has taken on countless hours of fine-tuning to deliver an impressive sound system that speaks to the customer. This is felt at any point in the car while behind the wheel. One of the main elements for the Bowers & Wilkins™ systems involves its Tweeter-on-top technology. This gives customers an endless, pure-sound environment that tackles windscreen acoustic reflection. It decreases coloration while delivering a final result of detailed, crisp sound that's meant to be heard.

The Bower & Wilkins® Nautilus speakers are an inspiration. They are exquisitely designed with channels of diffuse that capture sound reflected from the back of each car to give you less resonance. The Nautilus speakers stand out in their design, along with their strategic placement. The Bower & Wilkins™ team has worked diligently to ensure that the right position and integration inside each model.

Customers can expect the configuration of the speakers to have a different layout in each car. This is done so that the customer enjoys a new type of sound experience for their new Volvo. Speakers placed throughout the car are seen in the back, side doors, and front panel for concert quality audio.

The Bowers & Wilkins™ sound system packs a punch with advance technology offering comprehensive sound capabilities when driving any luxury Volvo model. They've given the customer a new way to enjoy their favorite music or listen to their car audio.

Explore our new Volvo models for sale near Lincoln to discover which of our new inventory come with the Bower & Wilkins® system!

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