Volvo S60 R-Design Trim Overview

The Volvo S60 R-Design is one of the most popular all-wheel drive (AWD) sports sedans on the road today. That is why our friends at Gorges Volvo Cars located right here in Omaha could not be more excited about the arrival of the all-new 2019 model.

?This car's engine is a 2-liter 250 horsepower beast that also kicks out an impressive 258 lb.-ft. of torque. This means that you'll frequently be seeing your competition on the road in the rearview mirror. Also, this sedan gets up to 36 miles per gallon on the highway which means your commute back and forth to work has never been cheaper. Finally, drivers will enjoy the comfortable seats large enough to hold five people and designed to let you all arrive in style. This is all thanks to superior interior features that Volvo engineers and designers created with you the passenger in mind.



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