Be prepared for the winter by having your tire tread checked

With winter rapidly approaching it is important for drivers to be aware of the amount of tire tread that they have on their tires to ensure that they will have the stopping power that they need under these slick road conditions.

Many drivers may be unaware that they have improper tire tread on their vehicles which could put them at an increased risk for an accident that could result in property damage or injury. We understand that many drivers that are on the road today have busy schedules and that many of them may not think about their tire tread being important when it comes to vehicle maintenance. That is why Gorges Volvo Cars can help to make sure that the tires that are on a vehicle will be safe for drivers to use in rain or snow.

A growing number of drivers in Omaha are taking advantage of the service staff at Gorges Volvo Cars to ensure that they are ready for the inclement weather that is rapidly approaching.

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