Get a Grip with Salt, Sand, or Kitty Litter This Winter

Gorges Volvo Cars wants to let you in on valuable information that you can use this winter if your car or truck becomes stuck in the snow. We know how discouraging this can be and we want to let our Omaha drivers be aware that if they keep items such as kitty litter, sand, or salt available in their vehicle, then they can increase their chances of getting their vehicle out of the bad situation of it being stuck in the snow.

Let's face it, sometimes we get stuck on ice or snow and we need to put something under the tires or in the path of our tires to give us a little extra grip. This is where regular kitty litter can come in handy. It is easy to pour into the path and near the underside of a tire to increase grip. Sand can also be used like this, and it may be cheaper than kitty litter. Salt is a valuable tool to have because it can effectively melt the ice that your tires are spinning on.
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