Adaptive Cruise Control in the Volvo V90

We here at Gorges Volvo Cars are very proud to show off the new Volvo V90. This popular luxury wagon is available with some great safety features that'll keep you safe on the road. One of the most advanced features you can get is Adaptive Cruise Control.

This system uses cameras and radar to monitor your surroundings at all times. It's very similar to conventional cruise control systems. However, unlike traditional versions, this system runs on highways and on Omaha streets. It can be activated anytime you're traveling over 18 MPH. Once initiated, you can set your desired speed and the distance you want to stay from the car ahead of you.

The V90 will use its high-tech equipment to follow the flow of traffic accordingly. It has an additional feature built right in. The Queue Assist function makes it possible for the V90 to come to a complete stop in traffic situations. It'll slow down, speed up, and stop without any driver intervention.



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