Repairing Deep or Light Scratches

A vehicle has a protective coating of paint and hardening agents that enhance the appearance and guard against rust and wear. A light scratch is one that removes paint but not down to the bare metal. A deep scratch goes to the inner metal or fiberglass surface.

Some drivers prefer to do the touch-up repairs. The essential first step is to use the VIN or other code on the car frame or doors to identify the color. Once you match the color, a cleaning and light sanding will prepare the surface for a thin line of cover-up paint. Deep scratches require a primer before painting with the touch-up paint.

At Gorges Volvo Cars, we understand the importance of treating scratches for appearance and protection. We offer high-quality paints and primer. We can handle the entire task and leave a new protective covering over the damaged area. Please call or stop by today.



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