Engine Cooling & Radiator Service Regular Maintenance Checks

If you aren't sure why getting the cooling system serviced regularly is important, the following information will show you how involved the system really is.

The radiator works with the fan, together cooling down the heated fluids flowing through the engine. If the radiator cap is not the right pressure or the fan belts worn, the system can fail and cause the motor to overheat.

Hoses and belts help keep the cooling system operating at a peak state. One loose belt or damaged radiator hose, and the coolant will not circulate properly.

If the thermostat is failing, the ideal temperature of the coolants is not met and fluids cannot protect those moving parts.

The water pump belts much be operational and bearing inside working for the pump to move the coolant through the system.

Let our crew at Gorges Volvo Cars schedule your vehicle for routine cooling system maintenance to ensure it runs efficiently all year.  
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